As you are aware, on 17th June 2021 (Thursday) at 9 PM UTC+8, we are going to have 2 simultaneous releases:

A smart contract upgrade as well as a token migration.

In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we will help you perform the STAX to IF migration through a step-by-step guide below, both in video and in text & image.

Step 1: Access IF Migration tool

  • Go to the Impossible Finance website, launch the App and access the IF Migration tool


Step 2: Connect your wallet to IF Migration Tool

Step 3: Unstake your STAX LP Tokens

Step 4: Remove your LP Tokens from the Liquidity Pools 

Step 5: Migrate your STAX Tokens to IF Tokens

And that's it, congratulations, if you have successfully migrated your STAX Tokens to IF Tokens!