NOTE: BLT token bridging will be live at 7am UTC on 29th Sep. Once you have claimed your tokens you can perform the migration here -

Currently your Blocto tokens are on the Binance Smart Chain (“BSC'') network. You will need to change the network to the Solana (“SPL”) as the FTX exchange only accepts this network.

To do this you will need to change from BSC Network into FLOW Network first and then finally from FLOW Network into SPL Network. Let’s show you how to do this in an easy way using Blocto Teleport feature.


Part 1 - Create a Blocto (Flow) account over at Blocto Website

Step 1  - Click Connect Wallet

Step 2 - Register your email

Step 3 - Insert Confirmation Code

Part 2 - Migrate your Blocto Tokens ($BLT) from BSC to FLOW

Step 1 - Go to Teleport Page

Step 2 - Select $BLT(BSC) & BLT (FLOW) pair

Step 3 - Connect your Flow & BSC Accounts

Step 4 - Select how much $BLT to Teleport & approve it

Step 5 - Press Teleport

Step 6 - Press Confirm Teleport & BSC to Flow done!

Part 3 - Migrate your Blocto Tokens ($BLT) from FLOW to SPL

Step 1 - Select $BLT(FLOW) & BLT (SPL) pair

Step 2 - Connect your Solana account

Step 3 - Select how much $BLT to Teleport & approve it

Step 4 - Press Confirm Teleport & Flow to SPL done!

Part 4 - FTX exchange

Ok, so now that the Tokens are all migrated, you can use them on FTX. On this part we are going to explain to you how to send your Tokens to your FTX Address.

NOTE: To do this you will need to download the Blocto App on your phone through Playstore or AppStore

So, after downloading the App, lets get to it!

Step 1 - Add $BLT Wallets to the HomeScreen

Step 2 - Check your BLT Address over at FTX & Copy it

Step 3 - Send BLT from Blocto App to FTX

And it's done, your $BLT should be on your FTX Wallet & you are ready to trade it!